Typical Limo Prices and Rates

limousine service Fredericksburg VALimo companies are charged by the number of hours of service except for the airport transfers. The number of passengers onboard and the mileage is irrelevant in the life of a limo pricing. Most companies have a complicated billing system that contains hidden charges. It is for this reason that most passengers term limo services expensive. Below, we shall look at the billing practices exercised by limo companies.


Most limo services have a minimum of three hours. If you book the vehicle for one hour, you will still be billed for three hours. The minimums can go up to eight hours during busy seasons like holidays. If you don’t want to see your money go to waste, ask the driver to take you for a ride around the city as your time elapses.

GratuityLimo Service Fredericksburg VA

Gratuity is simply a reward. Limo companies automatically place a gratuity charge of 15%-20%. In situations where you have an excellent chauffeur, then you need to add another 10 %. In any case, a good driver needs appreciation, and the gratuity does the justice.


Toll refers to any charge incurred during the limo ride. For instance, if your trip begins at the airport, then there will be an additional fee added to the limo price. Most clients are unaware of this charge called the airport tax.


Limo companies place a 10% administration surcharge for every limo service. The surcharge is meant to chip in the automotive and workman compensation insurance price. Recently, some companies started adding a 5% fuel surcharge due to the inflating costs of fuel.

TaxFredericksburg VA Limousine Service

Limo prices exempt sales taxes. While there may be several additional charges included in your bill, ensure that there is no sales tax added to it.


When your booked time elapses, the limo company starts charging an overage. Some companies charge per 15 minutes increment, some for every hour while others charge a whole new trip. You can avoid overages by keep in every detail of your event on time. However, when it is unavoidable, you have no other choice but to dig deeper into your pockets.

Weekday vs. Weekend

Limo services are seasonal and get charged on demand. When the demand is high, then the rates will hike. During high seasons such as weekends and public holidays, the limo prices are likely to be on the high side. Seasons that call for numerous celebrations such as spring and summer, also have the limo prices charged high. Although some companies remain constant in their pricing, they are mostly booked all year round.

Travel time

Travel time refers to the time the limo leaves the garage and arrives at the pickup point. Most companies charge the travel time separately. Other companies bill an extra hour to the limo price.

There you have it, the standard billing practices in limo services. It is important that you understand every practice in detail. In most cases, clients get frustrated when the agreed limo price hikes for no good reason. However, with the above information at your disposal you no longer have to wonder.


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