Top 8 Tips Every Corporate Trip Organizer Should Know

Limo FredericksburgCoordinating travel arrangement for corporate functions is never an easy task. Most people dread it due to the many responsibilities involved. However, with a great limo service provider as well as the pointers discussed below, the nightmare will be eased.

Determine a cut-off date

If you are organizing a trip that requires people to get registered, consider coming up with a deadline. Anyone interested should have paid and registered by this date, or else they forfeit the trip. The cutoff date also assists the organizer in hiring the right vehicle for the interested parties. You do not want a situation where forty people turn up to board a 33-seater van.

Come up with drop off and pick up points

Where do you intend to have the passengers picked and dropped after the trip? While it may seem easy just telling them by word of mouth, lots of preparations are needed. As the organizer, communicate to the passengers a few weeks before the D-day and remind then a day or two before the set date.

Be specific on the drop and pick up points

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You have already communicated about the areas passengers will be picked and dropped. But how serious are you about it? When organizing a trip for colleagues, they may take advantage of you and assume those points. Be specific and emphasize no other points will be considered. Again, offer maps and clear directions to avoid confusion of people waiting for the vehicle in the wrong places. By so doing, you will have punctual passengers and the entire trip will be a success.

Allow some extra time to your schedule

While you want everything to be punctual, some details end up messing the whole situation. It could be a member who is late or a puncture. Just make sure your schedule allows some slack into the timings.

Understand your Limo rental providers

Needless to say, you need to communicate well with your limo service providers. Know their policies, dos and don’ts. The same information should be passed to the passengers well in advance to avoid embarrassments during the ride.

Hire a van with extra seats

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Hire a vehicle with a few more seats than the exact number of passengers. The additional space will give the passengers more flexibility as well as the freedom to sit where they wish.

Rules on personal items

Personal belongings are called so since they belong to a single person. Emphasize that every passenger is entitled to take care of their belongings and no compensation will be offered in case of loss or theft. Discourage the members from leaving the items in the vehicle as this may pose a high risk of them getting stolen.

Have fun and be safe

Trips are meant to be fun and luxurious. However, too much fun may be a danger to everyone’s safety. If there is alcohol consumption, it should be in moderation. Emphasize that rowdy behavior is intolerable in the vehicle. Unruly passengers are likely to cause damages in the vehicle’s interior and exterior, and this may end up costing every member aboard.

There you have all the necessary tips. You do not have to dread organizing the trips anymore. The above tips are a guide to what you need to do to make it a success. Follow every point and all shall be well.

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