How Much Should you Tip your Limousine Driver?

Limo Service Fredericksburg VABeing grateful for a service well rendered is a human character that has been around for centuries. Some Limousine drivers are so good that they go above and beyond the standard level of good service. These are the kind of drivers that deserve to be tipped. If you are going to be using their services again, in future, you want them to remember you and probably offer you even better services. If the service is below what you expected, no one will judge you for not tipping. Nevertheless, you need to understand that a limo driver is in the business of customer service, they spent most of their time accommodating customers, escorting clients to special events and always meeting critical deadlines for airport drop-off.

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9 Essential Airport Limousine Tips you should know

Limousine Rental Fredericksburg VAWhether using airport limousine services for the first time, or a repeat client, there are several etiquette tips you should always carry with you. If you do not want to be left stranded without the know how of the next step, then read this article that will leave you well prepared.

Provide your cell number

Limousine companies will always ask for your contact information when making a reservation. The mobile number helps them reach you in the case of emergency or situations when you need proper direction. The chauffeur also makes use of this mobile number when he misses you at the terminal.

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How to choose the right limo rental for your upcoming special event

limo service FredericksburgChoosing the right limo that suits all your needs can be a cumbersome task. Special occasions call for glamour and glitter, and this explains why you need to choose the appropriate vehicle. The right car will ensure your event goes well and all the necessary tasks put into consideration. However, with numerous companies offering these services across the country, you need to be keen on your selection.

What is the occasion?

The occasion is always the first determinant on the vehicle you need to choose. Limo companies have a fleet of limos suitable for every event. A stretch limo is best suited for a bridal party for weddings, prom and bachelor party. On the other hand, sedans come in handy for airport transfers, business trips and other formal occasions.

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6 Factors to Consider When Hiring Wedding Limo Services

Fredericksburg Wedding LimousineWedding celebrations are considered stylish and full of expensive services. Every detail is expected to be perfect with no room of the slightest hitch. The wedding transportation plays a vital role in the general success of the wedding ceremony. Most couples prefer renting limo services due to their comfort and luxurious nature. It is, therefore, critical for the couple as well as the wedding organizers to look into some factors when making use of wedding limo services.

Consider your wedding theme

While some people do not take this into consideration, it plays a huge part in your vehicle selection. Limo companies have a wide range of fleets that come in different shapes, colors and sizes. The car you choose will be determined by the wedding color, the number of people attending the gathering, the time of the year among other factors.

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The Benefits of Limo Service for a Business Trip

Limousine Rental Fredericksburg VABusiness trips come with lots of responsibilities. From the transport arrangements for the general preparation of the business meetings you are to attend. The whole ordeal can be eased by delegating the complex duties to professionals. That explains why you need to hire a limo service for your business trip. The service will not only give you peace of mind during the entire journey but will also come with a pack of other benefits that include;

Limo chauffeurs know the area well

Sometimes you need to attend an important business meeting in a city you are not so conversant with. Opting to drive yourself there will result in you to getting late and this will not be a good show to your clients. It is in such situations that limo services come in handy. Whether in a busy town or tight traffic, limo chauffeurs manage to weave their way and use short routes to ensure you arrive on time.

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Things to Avoid When Using Luxury Limos

Limo Fredericksburg VAIn the modern world, limousine services are slowly becoming a necessity and not a luxury. On a daily basis, people need reliable airport transfer, business meeting transport and other special occasions that call for safe services. However, while the limousine companies may do their best to provide you with top-notch services, plenty is needed from your side. Below, we shall focus on basic tips that will help you avoid potential problems and unnecessary fines when hiring a limo.

Make an early booking

As stated above, limo services are in high demand in today’s world. You cannot make a reservation today and expect to have the service the following day. Booking early in advance will not only ensure the vehicle is available, but the limo company will have enough time to deliver the best services.

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Useful Tips on How to Hire Limo Rentals

Fredericksburg LimousineLimousines are executive vehicles that present elegance and class to those who use them. They give professional and awesome appearance for any event. They are costly to acquire, and one should thus make an informed choice when going for them. Making a decision on the right limo service can be a daunting task. There are so many companies to choose from, and one might end up making a wrong choice. The key to having it right is to do a thorough research to evaluate the company, on matters dealing with service delivery and reputation.

Here, we look at some useful tips to guide you when looking forward to hiring limousine services.

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Top 8 Tips Every Corporate Trip Organizer Should Know

Limo FredericksburgCoordinating travel arrangement for corporate functions is never an easy task. Most people dread it due to the many responsibilities involved. However, with a great limo service provider as well as the pointers discussed below, the nightmare will be eased.

Determine a cut-off date

If you are organizing a trip that requires people to get registered, consider coming up with a deadline. Anyone interested should have paid and registered by this date, or else they forfeit the trip. The cutoff date also assists the organizer in hiring the right vehicle for the interested parties. You do not want a situation where forty people turn up to board a 33-seater van.

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How to Inspect Limo Rentals

limousine service Fredericksburg VALimo services are luxurious, and that explains why you need to part with a considerable amount to have one. Giving out your hard earned money leaves you expecting high-quality services from the limo company. However, some clients end up frustrated after getting what they never expected. This explains why you need to check the limo personally to ensure you get exactly what you expect. So, what areas of the limo rental should you inspect?

The Limo must be licensed

Never assume that every limo company is compliant with the law. Although it is a requirement in every state, some limo companies still play hide and seek with the authorities. The last thing you want during your drive is having the traffic police tow the limo on the roadside cutting short your ride. You can relate to the range of inconveniences this will cause you. From missing a flight to getting late for a special event to probably delaying every single detail of your wedding, you don’t want that. Avoid all these embarrassing moments by checking the following;

  • Check for the license number at the vehicle’s front and back bumper. The number shows the vehicle is operating legally
  • Sedan cars need to have a livery plate. For instance, in California, it starts with 1zz and a lively stamp at the bottom.
  • A vehicle picking you from the airport needs to have an airport permit.

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