Most Popular Airport Limousines you can choose from

When considering transportation to and from the airport, there are limousines best known for this activity. Choosing a suitable limousine depends on the number of passengers you have and the luggage you intend to carry. They include the following;

Stretch Limousine

Fredericksburg VA limo rentalThey are available in six, eight and ten passenger configurations. Stretch limousines are decorated with DVD players, and flat-screen televisions, they are capable of turning the ordinary airport trip into an event. It is most common to find party goers renting stretch limousines as they designed for parties. But businessmen, executives and others who value secrecy and privacy favor this type of limos. Despite them being some of the largest airport limousines, their luggage space is quite limited – this being their only downside.


Fredericksburg limo rentalSport Utility Vehicles – usually equipped with four-wheel-drive for on-road or off-road ability. They are designed for larger parties. It is common to find one of these three SUV’s in an airport limo service; the GMC Yukon XL, the Cadillac Escalade, or the Chevrolet Suburban. They have identical seating configuration. The interior is designed in this way; two captain chairs in the front, two captains in the middle, and a bench in the back. Its passenger capacity is six adults including the driver or seven people with a mix of children. They have enormous luggage space, the back seat can also be folded to create more room for your luggage. With the seat folded, the SUV’s can accommodate four passengers.

Lincoln Town Car

Possibly the most popular and famous airport limousine – full-size luxury sedan. It is the best option because the Town Car offers two things: comfort and space. It can hold four tall adults, including the driver, comfortably. It is still able to provide ample trunk space for luggage and golf clubs. The Lincoln Town Car is the best choice for people who fly a lot, suitable for four passengers and four bags.


Vans are suitable when travelling with a large group. You are more likely to find 15 passenger vans among airport limousines. It is definitely far from luxurious but the best choice for your large family. With fifteen passengers on board, the downside is there will be no room for cargo. The good thing is that the van is configurable to fit the number of passengers and cars. The back seat can be taken out, it will be able to accommodate a lot of luggage at the back, and it will carry eleven passengers. If more luggage, then everything can be removed except the driver’s and passenger seat.

Standard caravan

Designed to offer comfortable and safe rides to and from the airport, or any destination of your choice. Its passenger capacity is 5, suitable for a family or group of up to 5 passengers. It also has some space for luggage too. Businessmen and executives who just want ample time without drawing attention to themselves choose this car as opposed to limousines.

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