Invaluable Tips for Limo First Timers

Travelling on a limo for the first can be both enjoyable and full of anxiety. The situation may turn dull if you do not know the valuable information needed by every limo traveler. Below, we shall focus on invaluable tips for first-time travelers in a limo.

Choose a leader

Fredericksburg limousine serviceWhen travelling as a group, you need to choose a leader. The selected person is supposed to communicate with the chauffeur and update him of every detail. For instance, your destination and how long he needs to wait until the event is over. A leader should be a responsible and good communicator. He comes in handy especially during parties when other members get drunk, and they need to be controlled. So, be wise and choose a sober person who can manage every situation.

Avoid the drinking glasses

If you care about your health, then avoid the drinking glasses inside the limo. While every detail is made to ensure you have a great ride, the chauffeurs rarely clean the glasses. Well, they are wiped using Windex and hand tissues, but that is not enough to get rid of germs. Remember the chauffeur’s primary task is to drive you to your destination. They rarely get time to have the glasses cleaned regularly through the dishwasher.

Communicate about the stopovers

limousine Fredericksburg VAWhen travelling in a group and there are pickups at different points, it’s only logic to inform the chauffeur well in advance. Drivers are knowledgeable of every route in most towns. Communicating about the stopovers will enable him to take the most convenient route that will cover all the stops in the shortest time possible. Again, limos are large vehicles that cannot turn and swirl on any route like ordinary cars.

Six-pack for couples

Whether going to that dinner or prom party, the best vehicle for couples is the six-pack. The car has two bench seats that face each other, and this makes it romantic and intimate for the two lovebirds travelling together.

DVDs for long trips

Everyone knows how tedious long trips can turn to be. You can, however, take advantage of every second by equipping yourself with a pack of DVDs of your favorite films. The shows will keep you entertained, and you will not imagine how fast that time will pass. However, if you forget to carry your pack, you can always ask the chauffeur for some though they might not be your favorite.

Avoid smoking

Needless to say, smoking is illegal in most vehicles, and this includes limousines. Although some limos allow it, it’s always important to ask the permission from the chauffeur. Smoking is a danger to the vehicle, and it can result to fire explosions.

Ask for the business card

The chauffeurs’ business card would save you in days to come especially if you had a good experience with him. Ask for the card the moment you board the vehicle since you may forget when alighting.

Request for drinks

If you would like some add-ons in the form of liquor, ensure you make the request when reserving the limousine. Also, ask the limo service provider whether your package allows you to have liquor in the vehicle.

You are now informed. Above are the tips every limo first timer needs to know. So, you are ready to set off and have an enjoyable ride.

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