How to Inspect Limo Rentals

limousine service Fredericksburg VALimo services are luxurious, and that explains why you need to part with a considerable amount to have one. Giving out your hard earned money leaves you expecting high-quality services from the limo company. However, some clients end up frustrated after getting what they never expected. This explains why you need to check the limo personally to ensure you get exactly what you expect. So, what areas of the limo rental should you inspect?

The Limo must be licensed

Never assume that every limo company is compliant with the law. Although it is a requirement in every state, some limo companies still play hide and seek with the authorities. The last thing you want during your drive is having the traffic police tow the limo on the roadside cutting short your ride. You can relate to the range of inconveniences this will cause you. From missing a flight to getting late for a special event to probably delaying every single detail of your wedding, you don’t want that. Avoid all these embarrassing moments by checking the following;

  • Check for the license number at the vehicle’s front and back bumper. The number shows the vehicle is operating legally
  • Sedan cars need to have a livery plate. For instance, in California, it starts with 1zz and a lively stamp at the bottom.
  • A vehicle picking you from the airport needs to have an airport permit.

The limo must be in good condition

limousine FredericksburgStretched vehicles such as limousines are more prone to wear and tear than their counterparts. Due to their elongated nature, they are exposed to extra weight and pressure, and this extends their wearing. The best way to ensure the vehicle’s condition is perfect includes adhering to the following;

  • The vehicle should have covered not more than 200,000 miles. Higher mileage may translate to the vehicle’s problems.
  • Check the bumpers, middle section, and every other area to ensure there are no scrapes, dents, and rust. Minor scratches are normal but not anything beyond that.
  • The interior lights should be working right.
  • The air conditioning outlets of the vehicle also need to be in perfect condition.

The limo must be spotlessly clean

Doubtless to say, cleanliness is vital both on the exterior and interior of the vehicle. The inside needs to have an appealing look and smell. Limos are prone to odors due to the numerous spills that are likely to happen and ice bins that get dirty and remain unemptied. The carpets need to be well vacuumed and free from any visible soil. The glass areas should be free from any fingerprints and dust.

Do not buy any excuses by the company operators explaining that previous clients messed with the vehicle leaving it dirty. Their core responsibility is to ensure the car is clean at all times.

In a nutshell, ensure you get the excellent services you have paid for. If a company seems not to deliver what you want, then move on until you get your match. You may consider having friends refer you to the right companies they have dealt with in the past.

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