How Much Should you Tip your Limousine Driver?

Limo Service Fredericksburg VABeing grateful for a service well rendered is a human character that has been around for centuries. Some Limousine drivers are so good that they go above and beyond the standard level of good service. These are the kind of drivers that deserve to be tipped. If you are going to be using their services again, in future, you want them to remember you and probably offer you even better services. If the service is below what you expected, no one will judge you for not tipping. Nevertheless, you need to understand that a limo driver is in the business of customer service, they spent most of their time accommodating customers, escorting clients to special events and always meeting critical deadlines for airport drop-off.

To be successful as a limo driver requires patience, punctuality and attention to detail.  Generally, the tipping should be between 15 and 20 percent of the total budget. However, you can tip anything above that at your discretion, here are a few things to put into consideration when tipping;


If wondering how much tip to give, consider if the driver picked you up on time and also got you to your destination on time. A good limo driver should be there in time to ensure everything runs smoothly; this is the kind of driver you tip generously.

Type of driver

An adequately trained and certified driver should be generously tipped. If not, you are justified in showing disapproval through your tip.

How comfortable your trip wasFredericksburg limousine cover

A good driver should never make feel worried that they are driving carelessly or too fast. The number one priority a driver is made aware of is the safety of their passengers. So if you feel unsafe, the driver is not doing his job well. But if felt the most comfort possible during the trip, then you should tip generously.

The driver’s attitude

Drivers should always have the highest level of respect for their clients. However, if you realize that your driver lacked in several aspects of respect, you are at liberty to show your disapproval through your tipping and also, you can contact the Limo Company about it. A driver serving you with the best respect should receive a generous tip as a sign of gratitude.

Trip time

Your tip should be based on the length of the trip. The longer the trip, the larger the tip, while shorter trips require just smaller tips. If traveling a shorter distance, like an airport drop off, giving a tip under 10% of the total bill is acceptable. On the hand, if you are to be driven for a couple of hours, you should expect to tip over $20 on top of the usual 20%.

Car sizeFredericksburg limo rental

The size of the car also determines the amount of tip. If you rented a larger Limo by the hour, you should expect to give at least 15% of the total bill. For smaller limos, prepare to leave at least 10% of the total bill.


The state in which you leave the car also determines the size of tip you should leave. Remember limo drivers are expected to return the vehicle as clean as it was, taking out the trash and ensuring it looks like new. They don’t get paid to do this. Expect to leave a higher tip, in the range of 25-35 percent depending on the size of mess you leave behind.

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