Foolproof Tips for Booking a Prom Limo

Fredericksburg limo rentalA Prom party is the most important event in a student’s life. While the dressing code and a Prom date are crucial, the way you step out for the party is a major concern. This explains why every young person wants a ride in a luxurious limo to and from the Prom party. However, for this dream to come true, several tips need consideration when making the booking.

Early booking

Most Proms are held in the spring time when weddings are numerous. For this reason, competition is high, and only the early birds secure the best limos. In most cases, reputable companies have their entire fleet booked for a whole year. So, if you don’t want disappointments for your Prom transport, make a booking, at least, three months before the set Prom date.

Fredericksburg LimousineThe size of the limo

Do you prefer travelling as a group or with your Prom date? Are you more concerned with the budget or privacy? Your choice will determine the size of the limo to go for. Modern limousines are capable of carrying four to about forty passengers. A group ride may be cheaper since the total price is split among your friends.

Ask for referrals

The best way to get a reputable limo service provider is asking around. Consult a neighbor or friend who has used Prom services of a particular company previously. Consider asking their experience and their recommendations.

Check the company’s complianceFredericksburg limo service

Every legally operating company should have a license obtained from the local authority. The company also needs to be insured to ensure both the passengers and the vehicles are well protected. It is also vital to check for past complaints regarding your preferred company. By so doing, you will make a good decision on the company to take.

Have a look at the limo

The best way to have peace of mind that you get the limo of your choice is by inspecting it yourself. Verify the vehicle’s make, model and the amenities available. In the case where the vehicle is not available, ask for photos of the perfect limo that you need. If possible, meet the chauffeur that you will drive you.

Sign a contractlimousine Fredericksburg

It does not matter how popular the company is. Get everything in writing. Let the company provide a contract that indicates the rates, cancellation policy and the company’s take in the case of breakdown or failure to turn up.

Read through the cancellation policy

Sometimes problems arise that call for the cancellation of reservation. It is vital to read through the company’s cancellation policy for a better understanding of their requirements.

Determine the pickup and drop off points

Whether travelling as a group or with your date, you need to arrange for pick up and drop off locations. The areas chosen should be accessible to everyone to avoid delays. The drop off point is very crucial since it will be late at night. It could be the same as the pickup location or different. Whichever way, discuss with the chauffeur early enough.

With the above pointers, you are sure to have both fun and safety for your Prom party. Follow them to the latter and pick the best limo that suits you.

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