Before Hiring a Limo, You Need To Know the Basic Etiquette

limousine service Fredericksburg VALimos are luxurious and fun to ride in. Whether it is a wedding, a prom party, an anniversary or a business trip, it leaves the occasion unforgettable. Although the service calls for ransom, it is only just to act professionally when on board. Passengers have no right to misbehave and become unruly. A ride on a first class vehicle requires strict adherence to several limo etiquette.

Respect the chauffeur and the limousine

Limos generate their income from the expensive services they offer.  The cars are expensive on the purchase and require top-notch maintenance. The limo driver is held responsible for the vehicle they handle. Limos call for special occasions, and this explains why they need exceptional treatment. The best thing is to take the car as your own. Would you leave it all messed up with unnecessary spills and stains? If not, then leave the limo as clean as you found it. By leaving a limo dirty, you are adding uncalled for responsibilities to the chauffeur. Respect the chauffeur by leaving the vehicle clean. Again, talk to the driver politely and make requests where necessary. It is not a good picture for passengers to shout at the driver as they demand services.

Be keen on the seating capacity

limousine FredericksburgEvery vehicle is designed to hold a specific quantity. As the passenger, it is vital to respect the seating limits. In most cases, the limit is decided by law and breaking it calls for punishment. If you are travelling as a group, avoid tagging along excess members. You can only have a safe and comfortable ride when the seating capacity is respected. The limo service provider has the mandate to terminate a service when the passengers do not obey this rule.

Follow the local rules

There are local rules that dictate how limos need to operate. These rules may differ from one region to the other, but they need a strict follow-up. For instance, excessive alcohol consumption and drug use are prohibited. Again passengers are not allowed to stand through the sunroof during the ride. Breaking these rules may call for hefty fines from the limo service provider as well as the local authority.

Take care of your personal items

Bring your personal belongings at your risk.  The limo company and the chauffeur are not held responsible in the case where some things get lost, damaged or stolen. These items should also not be left behind in the vehicle once the passenger leaves the limo.

Tip the driver

Although not mandatory, every good service deserves a reward. The chauffeur works hard to ensure you are safe and comfortable for the ride. It is a good gesture to appreciate a good job. Put your reward in an envelope and give it to him at the end of the trip.

Remember, a limo ride is luxurious and leaves memorable experiences to the passenger. It is therefore just to heed to the limo’s etiquette by obeying the above rules. This way, you will have an enjoyable ride while avoiding hefty fines.

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