9 Essential Airport Limousine Tips you should know

Limousine Rental Fredericksburg VAWhether using airport limousine services for the first time, or a repeat client, there are several etiquette tips you should always carry with you. If you do not want to be left stranded without the know how of the next step, then read this article that will leave you well prepared.

Provide your cell number

Limousine companies will always ask for your contact information when making a reservation. The mobile number helps them reach you in the case of emergency or situations when you need proper direction. The chauffeur also makes use of this mobile number when he misses you at the terminal.

Turn on your phone

Although some flights recommend switching off your phone while on air, always remember to turn it on once you land. As stated above, the chauffeur will communicate with you using this number. Again, in situations where the limo may get late, the company will call you to pass this information.

Meet the chauffeur in baggage claim areaLimo Fredericksburg

Drivers are required to meet their clients at the baggage claim and not the gate. For security reasons, drivers are not allowed to go past the security checkpoints. In most cases, the chauffeurs will wait for you at the bottom of the escalators in the baggage claim lounge.

Curbside pickups

Airport limos are allowed to pick passengers at the curb. Although most customers prefer pick-up inside the terminal, a curbside pickup can be organized for clients who are in a hurry.

Have your confirmation number

Your limousine contact and confirmation numbers come in handy when a limo provider does not show up. The numbers can be used to correct the problem as well as claiming compensation.

Schedule early pick up

If planning an early morning departure, it is important to organize that with your limo company. Most of these airlines happen to be very busy in the early morning hours, the better reason you should give yourself enough time.

International departuresFredericksburg VA Limousine Service

Most airlines require passengers to arrive some hours earlier when taking an international flight. Ensure that you talk to your limo service provider for the best pick up time.

Check your flight status

When departing, it is important that you check the flight information. In cases of flight delays, contact your limo service to arrange for a later pickup.

The meet and greet service

Many airport limousines offer this divine service. On your arrival at the airport, a greeter will meet you at the gate and take you to the baggage claim area. Here, the limousine will be called once your bags are retrieved. The chauffeur will take your luggage as you board the vehicle at the curb.

On your departure, the greeter will meet you at the curb and give the boarding passes and baggage tags. You will then be taken to the security points and later to the gate.

So, you are now informed. The above nine points serve as the airport limousine etiquette. Be sure to follow them on your next airport transfer journey.


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