8 Things You Need to Know When Reserving/Renting a Limo

limousine service Fredericksburg VAAre you planning to arrive at a special event in style with your friends or family? Hiring a limo is probably the best decision. A limo or limousine is a luxury car usually driven by a chauffeur and has a partition between the driver and the passenger compartment – totally suitable as you get a private compartment to discuss your plans away from the driver. It is important that you choose the right limousine to fit the occasion for which you are reserving. Here are seven things to consider when reserving a limo.

Type of occasion

The occasion could be a bachelor/bachelorette party, wedding, birthday party, night out, concert, prom, point-to-point transfer, special event, meeting or even a tour. Knowing the type of occasion is important, as some rental companies have minimum hour requirements while others are priced at a set fee. Some also offer special packages like decorations for your car. This information will help the company plan your trip; for instance, a wedding could take 8 hours, a night out may take the whole night, airport transfers can take just a few hours.

The duration of the event

Most limo rental companies charge by the hour. It is utterly important to know how many hours you will need the limousine, the drive to the occasion, etc.

The date of the eventFredericksburg Wedding Limo

The limousine company will need to know the date of your event. You getting the vehicle with some good rates depends on its availability. It is good to let the limousine company know the date of your event so they can schedule to reserve your car in advance.

The number of passengers

Determine how many people you will be travelling with prior to calling the limousine company. This will determine the type of vehicle you can take. You want to consider the comfortability of your guests, how many people can fit in the limo and don’t feel like they have been stacked together? If you have a large guest number, you may consider renting a bus instead.

Desired amenities

Do you want to bring a DVD to watch on the flat screen or MP3 music to listen? Do you want ice or drinks as you travel? Confirm from the limo company if they accommodate those requests.

Age range of expected passengers

Vehicles with partitions sanction the use of alcohol in the back of the party bus. Everyone on board must be 21 years of age with proper identification, to have alcohol on board.

Decide on the vehicle type that interests you

Some general vehicles include the following;

  • Sedans (town cars, Mercedes or Specialty Sedans)Fredericksburg VA limo rental
  • Six passenger Limo (seats 4 comfortably)
  • Eight passenger limo (seats 6 comfortably)
  • Ten passenger limo (seats 8 comfortably)
  • 12 passenger Limo (seats 10 comfortably)
  • 14 – 22 SUV Limousine
  • Small shuttle bus (22 -35 passengers)
  • Classic cars (Rolls Royce etc.)
  • 18-20 passenger Hummer
  • Coach limo bus (28-35 passengers)
  • Small limo bus (14-22 passengers)


Consider calling a selection of limo companies

Obtain different quotes from several companies, including any additional services they may be offering, cancellation fees, unexpected additional hours. This will help you choose the best deal. Focus on the value, pick the company offering the best service at the best price.

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