5 Signs to Show a Limousine Company is Bad

limo rental FredericksburgChoosing to rent from a good company is essential for your comfort, convenience and safety. If you choose to rent from the wrong company, you will have nothing but regrets. Choose the right one, and you will experience the most comfortable and enjoyable rides of your life. Here are five signs to show a limousine company is bad.

Drivers who do not know their routes well

The limousine you have rented is assigned a driver who doesn’t understand his routes well. In the end, he ends picking the longest route possible or keep turning back on realizing he is heading the wrong direction. Since most Limousine companies charge by the hour, you end up paying a few more bucks for a journey that would have taken less time. A good limousine company has drivers who know different routes to enable clients reach their destinations on time.

Customers are offered with limited options.

Renting a limo is quite expensive, and hence, you should be offered the freedom of choice. If you visit a limousine leasing company and you are told that you can only be given one type of limousine, or their driver cannot be available at the time you want to be picked but only at a particular time of day, then you are not being given any choice. It is like they are the ones hiring you to use their limo. It is high time you called another rental company.

No insurance or license

Limousines are associated with class. People prefer renting limousines over ordinary cabs and are actually willing to pay the extra bucks because of the added advantage of security they provide. Security cannot be guaranteed if there is no insurance for the passengers. Nor can you be secure if there is no license from the Ministry/Department of Tourism. If the company you are renting from has no insurance or license then it surely a bad company.

Very old cars

Fredericksburg VA Limousine ServiceThis is totally at your discretion. If you are planning to travel upcountry then yes, you can actually rent a vintage limo or Town car. But it would be wise to rent from the newest collection of the limousines available. It is never anyone’s wish to miss the starting moments of a party, or the bride to arrive late at her wedding because the limousine broke down, or it was pulled aside by road inspection police because it was road unworthy. The limo company may convince you that their well-maintained old cars are still able to operate well, but they can never argue that that old car, no matter how finely tuned it is, can outperform a brand new car. Having only old cars is a sign of a bad limo company.

Very poor customer service

This refers to how they respond to you when you make an inquiry. You sent them an email a week ago and they have not replied. They have shared their number publicly but if you try calling it, either your call is never picked up or it is not going through. If by any chance your call goes through, then you get vague answers. This is a sign that the services you will get when you eventually rent from them will be totally unsatisfactory.

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